Hi, I’m Brian.

I’m originally from Fort Lee NJ, of Chris Christie Bridgegate fame, and spent several years living in Brooklyn NY before moving to Oakland CA.

I went to college at a small, private technology school in Hoboken NJ called Stevens Institute of Technology, where I majored in Computer Science and graduated with High Honors.

In my post-college professional life I’ve worked at a string of startups, including one I started that I refer to as “a great learning experience.”

I was previously the CEO of Instapaper, where I also did all of the software engineering. In August 2016 Instapaper was acquired by Pinterest, where I continue to be employed as the Director of Product Engineering.

In July 2018, Instapaper was spun into an independent company which I co-own with Rodion Gusev.

Feel free to get in touch!